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Sarah Russell teaches 3 types of doll classes. 

The classes are taught either in her studio, in a gallery or porcelain shop, or in the home of a host or hostess who arranges the class in return for free class admission.  For more details and prices, contact Sarah at srdolls@aol.com.

1.  The Story Spirits Class is a one day, 6 hour class open to all doll makers, and involves creating an abstract figure in leather based on Native American mythology. To learn more about Story Spirits, click here

2.  The Doll Sculpting Class is a three day class with 24 hours of instruction, open to all doll makers.  It is taught either in a weekend, or over a 3 week period, one day a week.  During the class, students sculpt a head and hands for a 20 - 22" doll, and construct a skirted body for the doll.  (White Buffalo Woman in the Native American Gallery, and Victorian Father Christmas, and Patriot Santa in the Christmas Gallery are dolls done with a skirted body.)  Most supplies are furnished. 

3.  The Body Building Class is a three day class with 24 hours of instruction, open to more advanced doll makers.  Students bring a sculpted head and hands for a 16" doll and we construct a "McKinley" body for the doll from drawings, using a cardboard "dress form" to drape the body patterns.  Resin legs and most body making supplies are furnished for this class.

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